Healthcare Professionals Are Protected by Respirator Fit Testing

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Healthcare professionals around the world know that they are often subjected to infectious airborne threats that jeopardize their health and safety in the workplace. Respirator fit testing programs offered by companies like Synergy Employment Services can provide a unique educational experience for participants. Synergy Employment's respirator fit program is extremely efficient and can be arranged individually, as well as in small or large groups. Their programs have gained widespread acceptance across Ontario and British Columbia, using a combination of video, theory, and practical training methods in their sessions. These sessions are conducted according to the standards set forth by the CSA and compliance reports are submitted within 72 hours of every workshop. This means that there is very little room for deviation from the rules and guidelines set forth by the CSA.  Synergy has received wide spread acceptance of our N95 Mask Fit Testing program due its efficiency, cost and delivery.  Our clients include universities, colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, emergency management services, public and private sector health care employers.

Online Registration

Perhaps the most unique part about Synergy Employment Services respirator fit testing is that participants can sign up and arrange their sessions using the online registration tool. This online registration tool is the first of its kind in the industry. Despite employing this technologically advanced model for registration, the cost of Synergy's respirator fit testing is almost half the cost of its leading competitors.  Due to our large number of certified fit testers, we are able to provide walk-in and individual mask fit testing 5-days a week.

Provide Health Assessment Screening

Prior to a participant being fit tested, the participant must undergo an assessment to determine whether he or she may be unable to wear an N95 respirator for health reasons. Under the circumstances that a participant is deemed unfit to wear the N95 respirator or the participant is unable to maintain a facial seal using any of the respirators present, they will be assessed by Occupational Health and Safety Services in an effort to find protective gear that will fit properly. Synergy Employment can provide this initial health assessment screening for your employees without issues.
Respirator fit testing helps to provide protection for healthcare professionals against airborne threats and illnesses such as:
  • SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)
  • MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome)
  • Chicken Pox
  • Tuberculosis
  • Severe Influenza
  • Anthrax
  • Handa virus, and more!
Each fit tester employed by Synergy has undergone a rigorous training and participate in annual review and constant mentoring. Most of their trainers have had extensive experience in their respective healthcare fields or have teaching degrees to provide participants with knowledge as well as hands-on experience.
Respirator fit testing is at the heart of the health and safety of our healthcare environments. Healthcare professionals who require respirator fit testing biennially or annually should consider Synergy Employment for their exceptional value, competitive pricing, quality service and reputation for serving professionals in a number of different industries. The most important part about respirator fit testing is the creation of the facial seal, ensuring that participants are protected in the event of an airborne threat.

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